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Your own custom permanent pattern 12" x 12" - Background needs to be removed

Your own custom permanent pattern 12" x 12" - Background needs to be removed

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We have the ability to upload custom images to be printed. The minimum size allowed will be 1500x1500 pixels but, for the best quality, 3600x3600 pixels will work best. Image quality will not be perfect.

Oracal 3651 is a permanent indoor and outdoor printable vinyl with a high gloss finish. This vinyl is perfect for your personal cutting machines. It has an outdoor durability of up to 3 years.

 We only use Oracal 3651 (651 equivalent), which is the product that so many of our customers love and trust.

Our patterned vinyl also does not require time to dry. When you order with us, your printable vinyl goes out with the rest of your order on the same day!

To use patterned vinyl, you can treat it as if it is regular permanent vinyl. There is no mirroring required. Please cut with the pattern facing up, weed and then apply using regular transfer tape. Transfer your pattern to your blank and apply as you normally would!

All custom-printed vinyl sales are non-refundable and all sales are final.

** This option is for those that need the colored/white background removed from their image so that we can cut around your images **


** If you would like to use Canva.com to do your design work, message us and we'll give you access to a pro account! **