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Your own custom HTV vinyl pattern 12" x 12"

Your own custom HTV vinyl pattern 12" x 12"

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We are now allowing the ability to upload custom images to be printed. The minimum size allowed will be 1500x1500 pixels but, for the best quality, 3600x3600 pixels will work best. Image quality will not be perfect.

Image will be printed on Siser material.

All custom-printed vinyl sales are non-refundable and all sales are final.

To use patterned vinyl, you can treat it as if it is permanent vinyl. There is no mirroring required. Please cut with the pattern facing up, weed and then apply the TTD easy mask as if you are using regular transfer tape. Transfer your pattern to your blank and apply as you normally would!

Please note: You will require a sheet of TTD easy mask to use our vinyl, which you can order here:

TTD Easy Mask

You can use a single TTD easy mask sheet many times.