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Creative Fabrica

If you’re looking to take your Cricut, Silhouette, and other crafts to the next level, we want to introduce you to our favorite crafting website: Creative Fabrica!

You know we love sharing crafting resources with you, and as a Creative Fabrica user, we are excited to partner with them to dive into what they do and why I think they are a fantastic resource—in particular for cutting machine crafters. Signing up will only cost $1 USD for the first month and then $19 USD, down from the regular $29 USD for each additional month.

Don’t have a cutting machine? Creative Fabrica is also a great site for graphics for sublimation prints, coloring pages, sewing and quilt patterns, teaching materials, and more! Check out these sublimation tumbler designs.

Love freebies? At the very least, take advantage of the 100% free section of freebies!


Comparisons between the monthly Cricut Access membership and Creative Fabrica
Feature Cricut Access Creative Fabrica
Fonts 700+ fonts 82,000+ fonts
Images 200,000+ images 4.4 million+ images
Classes / Courses No Yes
Font Management No Yes
East Coast Vinyl Discount No Yes, 5% off all orders
Price 12.99 CAD/month 29.00 $1 USD for your first month, 19.00 USD/month thereafter


Do I get access to all files?

Yes, once you sign up you can immediately start downloading all files that are included in your subscription.
Can I use the files commercially?

Yes, you are allowed to use the fonts & designs in commercial projects. This license is valid worldwide and the work that you create within your subscription period can be used forever, even after you cancel your subscription.
What license is included?

All download always come with our commercial-use license. You can view the license details here.
Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, although our subscriptions do automatically renew, you are free to cancel at any time. If you decide to cancel, you will keep having access until the end of your pre-paid period. After that your subscription will automatically stop and no further charges will occur. No questions asked.
What file formats are included?

Most fonts offer both .OTF (OpenType) and .TTF (True Type) formats. All fonts include at least one of these formats. For crafts we always include SVG / PNG / DXF & EPS. For graphics it is up to the designer to choose the format. The included files are listed on the products page. You are allowed to convert them to other formats for your own use.
What happens when I end my subscription?

Once you end your subscription, you will lose access to download new files and updates. While you won't be allowed to create new work with the files you downloaded, you can keep using & selling the work that you created while you had an active subscription.


Disclaimer: The purpose of this is to let you all know how excellent of a resource this website is. We are full-paying members of this site and we we receive a percentage for those that sign up. We are looking forward to using any monies received and having giveaways for both our products and local business gift cards! We simply absolutely love everything Creative Fabrica has to offer. Let us know if you have any questions!