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Having lived in Edmonton, Alberta for the last several years, I was quite spoiled to have access to numerous sources of high-quality vinyl. 

My family has recently moved back to New Brunswick and I've been having a hard time to find a reliable and affordable vinyl-related business that didn't charge a fortune for shipping. I felt like this was a potential opportunistic gap and have decided to add another small business.

My existing business, For the Love of Paper, has been running for a few years now and I'll now effectively and efficiently be able to complete orders, while helping out others on the east coast with their vinyl and vinyl-related needs.

We plan on offering both pickup and delivery options all over New Brunswick and have the ability to help out a fellow crafter at 11 o'clock at night when they just ran out of blue vinyl for an order due immediately.

I look forward to connecting with all of you and best of luck in all your projects!

Amanda Losier